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    Youtube announced yesterday the most watched videos on its network in 2009. Let's take a look at it and try to find out what rules viral marketing.

    Here is the ranking :
    #1 - Susan Boyle - Britain's Got Talent (120 million views)
    #2 - David After Dentist (37 million views)
    #3 - JK Wedding Entrance Dance (33 million views)
    #4 - New Moon Movie Trailer (31 million views)
    #5 - Evian Roller Babies (27 million views)

    What can be learned from this ranking? What factors lead this videos to their great success? There isn't a lot to say with only 5 videos, but I can see 2 points that can explain these popularities:

    • If you take a look at the list, 3 of the 5 presented videos where also broadcasted on other media than the Internet. Susan Boyle's performance was obviously taken from the TV show, Evian's Babies are also to be seen on TV-cinema ads and the trailer of Twilight was expected since the success of the first movie. It seems that the more a video is spread out the more it increases its on-line success. Being successful is slightly different from being successful on other media since web surfers are more active compared to the other media.
    • Humor isn't decisive. None of these videos are really hilarious.The key seems to be astonishing. Susan Boyle literally stunted everybody, the wedding dance is really unexpected as the reaction of David and the babies are just amazing. So I would say it is more important to surprise your audience than to be funny in order to be successful. Make a video out of the box!
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