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    The social network market is very active these last days. Google recently decided to have their social network open to everyone. Facebook organized a developers summit last week, announcing a bunch of new neat features...

    Now that Google Plus is live, there's a serious competitor to Facebook. Google Plus is great because I can use a single platform to share personal stuff with my friends and follow people of interest. However, the true value of Google Plus could be revealed as a social network for professionals. I'm not saying that Google Plus competes with LinkedIn... but it could be used with to connect with people who aren't really personal friends like coworker.

    It doesn't seem to be the priority for Google as they decided to open a game platform before accepting to have people registering with Google Apps account. But I think it will soon come (>prediction). And when they do, they will probably be used in a lot of of companies...

    How is Facebook reacting to this threat? Well, during the f8 summit Facebook announced a lot of great news. Some are direct reactions to Google Plus:
    • Lists management has been enhanced to make it easier to share to limited circle.
    • Users can now subscribe to follow anyone's public status...
    But they were minor features compared to the rest:
    • Facebook began to connect people with object with their like button. Now Facebook is going further... you can connect to anything the way you want. You can decide not to 'like' a book, but to 'read' it. You can share music you 'listen' and the one you 'like'. This way Facebook includes in your graphs not only people, but also object and the way you're connected with them.
    • Timeline: Facebook will soon reveal a new way to show your personal information in a timeline from your birth to now. It looks quite promising!

    Facebook is still way ahead of Google Plus. Today a direct competition with Facebook is to be excluded.

    But there's another solution called Diaspora. It's still in alpha tests... but it looks promising. Diaspora is a federated social network. It means that you can use it for a limited circle (your school, your company...) and then your network can still be connected to another one.
    The usage is very similar to Google Plus, but it's much safer for your privacy.

    It's hard to see how things are going to evolve. I would say that Facebook will remain the king of personal social networks. Google Plus would be great to be used inside businesses. Diaspora would fit well with the way schools and universities are organized... Plus, there are more and more vertical social networks... these could have a great power in a few years...

    Everything's possible, right?

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